LivingSound is the preferred place in Wichita and Central Kansas to offer the world's best in sound and home automation products. Located at 21st and Webb in the Cambridge Market Shopping Center.

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                                9747 E 21st St N #115                                                   Tuesday - Friday 10am to 6pm
                                    Wichita, KS 67206                                                        Saturdays from 11am to 5pm

                                  Phone: 316.634.0333                                               Available Afterhours by Appointment


Featured Products

 B&W_Wireless_Music _Systems   Integra

McIntosh Systems Music

  CM Series

We take pride in hand selecting products for the most discerning of tastes. To learn more, click the logos below to visit our manufacturers websites.


        Bowers & Wilkins Speakers                    Classé Premium Hi-Fi                          Crestron Automation
         HRT USB Music Streamers                     Integra AV Components                              JSP Furniture   

                  Kimber Kable                          McIntosh Legendary Electronics                      Parasound Hi-Fi                                                
          Pioneer Elite Electronics                            Pro-Ject Turntables                Richard Gray Power Management            
          Rotel Hi-Fi Home Theater                       Salamander Furniture                     Sonance Landscape Series


Featured System

Custom Home Theater Designed and Constructed by LivingSound
Garden City, KS

Who is LivingSound?

As Wichita's sound and home theater experts, we are passionate about music and custom home automation. At LivingSound our goal is to make your home and lifestyle work beautifully together, and our design team is here to help craft the perfect solution to fit your needs. Call or visit us today to schedule your complimentary site survey. 

Owner Gary Jones and Operations Manager Thomas Shafer invite you to visit, listen and explore. Gary, Thomas and Team LivingSound all love good music, and are passonate about bringing the best in sound and home automation to Wichita. Stop by for a cup of coffee and let's talk about your favorite song, group, or concert.

LivingSound Has Unveiled The Listening Room

LivingSound marked its second anniversary and celebrated the fifth annual national Record Store Day on Saturday, April 21, 2012 with the unveiling of The Listening Room—a remodeled space designed specifically for, well... listening.

To celebrate, LivingSound invited the public to pop in for a first class sound experience. Newly pressed Kansas vinyl was spun in honor of National Record Store Day. And thanks to Bowers & Wilkins outdoor monitors, the visitors enjoyed the sweet sounds of vinyl from sidewalk to showroom.

One simple change.
Take your digital library to the next level.

B&W Personal Media Products


                              MM-1 Multimedia Speakers                                                       P5 Headphones   
               Maximum PC: "Exquisite Audio Reproduction"                  Audiophilia: "Star Component Award"



                                    Zeppelin Air iPod Dock                                                           Z2 iPod Dock
                         "Killer Sound"                                Hi-Fi Choice: "Terrifically Rewarding Sound"

Concert for One



“They’re a punchy, exciting listen, brimming with vigour and keen to please.
Low frequencies have a remarkable sense of not only weight but depth too.... Delivery is as precise
as you could wish for in a headphone at this price.” - What HiFi

Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphone

Available in Black or White

Bowers & Wilkins 802Ds


Robert Harley, Editor-in-chief of The Absolute Sound and one of the most highly respected audio reviewers in the world today, has issued his judgment on B&W's new 802 Diamond.

“The 802 presented a wealth of information to the listener, but in a way that didn’t call attention to itself. That’s the best kind of resolution - the kind where you’re not aware of more ‘detail’ per se, but nonetheless hear the musical effect of more detail in your increased involvement with the music and greater apprecaiation of the musicians’ expressiveness.”“... the 802D had warm, full, rich bass and midbass, and a relaxed midrange and treble. This is a very easy loudspeaker to enjoy music through...”

"In soundstaging, the 802Ds hit it out of the park."

“Music Lover’s Best Friend."

-Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound
Full 802D Review


Bowers & Wilkins 805Ds

" As for sound, the 805 Diamond covers its range so well that I found myself wondering 'How does B&W do it?' more than a few times... The 805's resolution is the kind that honors's music itself, not the so-called hi-fi-hyped kind that usually results in a stilted-sound that wears poorly over time. The 805 just seems to allow the unique moods of various music to come through without telegraphing an obvious artifice in the process. It is almost disarming in its refined 'rightness,' or, to put it another way, its overall performance is quickly recognizable as 'fundamentally correct.' If I had to sum up the 805's ability to dig deeply into recordings, I would say 'detail without pain.'"

"Personally, I was beguiled by the 805's winning way of transforming records and CDs into deeply involving musical experiences. This is what it is all about for me: technical accomplishment in service to art."

-Kirk Midtskog, The Absolute Sound
Full 805D Review


Visit us today to audition the Bower's & Wilkin's 800 Diamond Series.

Music Events

Please visit our friends at KMUW for more information on local venues, events, and music tastings.

Tallgrass Film Festival

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