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Apple® Premium Service Provider

Apple Premium Service Provider

Important Please Note: iPhone Battery Replacement Program:

Apple iPhone 6 and later, available through December 31st, 2018

LivingSound is participating in Apple's iPhone battery replacement program. A $30 diagnostic charge will be collected at time of check in to confirm eligibilty and help determine if any additional parts or labor charges will be needed while the iPhone is in for repair. If the iPhone does qualify for the battery replacment program the charge for the battery will be $29. Total battery replacement cost will be a minimum of $59 plus tax; with the diagnostic labor and battery charges combined. 

Note: Due to the volume of iPhone battery replacement requests and battery availability, turn around time on all devices is estimated at 3-5 days. Whenever possible we strive to turn devices around sooner. Depending upon diagnostic results, a customer's device may need to be sent to an offsite Apple Service Depot location for repair and the turn around time could extend beyond 5 days.

"LivingSound has once again demonstrated its commitment to premium service and technical excellence during the  Premium Service Provider evaluation period, January - December 2017. Apple is pleased to recognize LivingSound as an  Premium Service Provider for 2018. Now three years in a row. CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE!"

Customer Comment: "I was on the phone with Apple Care, 3 weeks ago, who had me do an update, thinking it was Preview causing the issue. Then the week after that, where the Apple care person did a review, but could not find much. Then on Friday, from 10am - 8pm with downloads and back ups to Time Machine, taking 2-3 hours each. The next day, from 11:15-2pm with phone calls as late as 9pm. Sunday, more calls and checks. Then on Monday, I called Living Sound. Made an appointment for 1-2pm. Was greeted immediately. They listened to my story. Looked at the computer, with 4GB and said Sierra is using most of the 4GB.  I paid $325 and had my computer back by noon on Thursday. I should have taken it there first. I will take it there first. I posted my story on Facebook and have told all of my friends about Apple Care vs Living Sound."

Customer Comment: “ Living Sound was top notch. I never want to take my electronics elsewhere.”

Customer Comment: "I want to compliment Apple for the phone support provided. Apple support techs had the same problem until I was bumped up to Ben at the Austin location. He diagnosed the problem as hardware and authorized the local repair. Ben was very amiable and projected a positive, confident attitude. Everyone that worked with me at Apple and the local repair guy at LivingSound (Hollis) were great.”

LiveWell Membership and Pricing

$150.00 | LiveWell Membership
*Details in About Us

$50.00   | CPU Diagnostic Fee

$30.00   | iOS Diagnostic Fee

$75.00   | 1 Hour One-on-One Class Fee

$25.00   | Additional 30 min(s) One-on-One Class Fee

$175.00 | 1 Hour Diagnostic Bench Labor Fee

$175.00 | Additional Hour(s) Diagnostic Bench Labor Fee

$150.00 | Rush / Convenience Fee* in addition to other fees
*Does not guarantee turn around time

$200.00 | Windows Install Bench Labor Fee

$75.00   | Mac OS Install Bench Labor Fee

$200.00 | Windows PC to Mac Data Transfer Labor Fee

$100.00 | Mac to Mac Data Transfer Labor Fee

$100.00 | Data Recovery Labor Service Fee

$225.00 | Apple Portable Computer Battery Replacement - Retina

$195.00 | Service Onsite Hourly Rate


Apple Mac Repairs

Typical accidental damage repairs include the following:

  • Liquid Spill
  • Cracked Display
  • Cracked, Dents, or other damages
  • Broken Connectors
  • Hard Drive or SSD Drive Failure (from liquid spill or drop damage)


Apple Mac Upgrades

LivingSound offers several upgrade services to keep your Apple Mac living longer, faster, and better:

  • Memory
  • Hard Drive
  • SSD Drives


AppleCare Warranty Repair

If your Apple Product is covered under AppleCare, LivingSound can service all hardware-related AppleCare Warranty issues.


Data Recovery and Out of Warranty Repair

LivingSound offers premium service for Apple Mac data recovery and repair in the greater Wichita area:

  • Failed Hard Drive or SSD Drive
  • Failed Battery
  • Failed Logic Board
  • Failed Memory Card
  • Failed Optical Drive
  • Failed Magsafe DC Board

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