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LivingSound is Wichita's exclusive B&W Diamond Dealer that showcases the new 800 Series Diamond D3 loudspeakers, considered to be the finest in the world, along with the full range of Bowers & Wilkins products. We offer all the services of B&W Audio/Video Specialists and design Custom Install solutions within our exemplary store.

LivingSound is also an authorized Personal Audio Dealer that offers extensive knowledge of Bowers & Wilkins products. We offer the full line of Bowers & Wilkins products, such as iPod speakers and headphones, and offer in-store demonstrations of products for customers to experience before purchasing.

Warranty is valid from the date of purchase for a period of five years for passive loudspeakers, two years for powered loudspeakers, electronics and headphones and 90 days for accessories.

600 Series

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series

"Everyone should experience truly great sound. With the 600 Series, everyone can. Combining audio performance, power and price, the 600 Series blends technology from high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers with engineering solutions unique to the range, to bring the best in audio to everyone." - Bowers & Wilkins

600 Series | 683 S2

The largest speaker in the 600 S2 Series. This floorstander is ideal for audiophile stereo and home theatre applications in larger rooms, delivering serious performance and amazing value.

683 | $1,650 per pair

600 Series | 684 S2

Room-filling sound without a room-filling speaker cabinet. Slimmer than ever before, the 684 S2 offers an amazing combination of floorstander power, audio performance and unbeatable value.

684 | $1,150 per pair

Bowers & Wilkens 600 Series SpeakerBowers & Wilkens 600 Series Speaker

600 Series | 685 S2

At home on a stand, wall or bookshelf, the versatile 685 S2 is ideal for stereo and home theatre uses in most rooms. And performance is enhanced with the addition of a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter.

685 | $700 per pair 
Stand | $150 per pair

Bowers & Wilkins 685Bowers & Wilkins 685

600 Series | 686 S2

Small is beautiful. The 686 S2 is the most compact speaker in the series, but don’t underestimate its power and precision. That's thanks to a new Decoupled Double Dome tweeter and improved design.

686 | $550 per pair 
Stand | $150 per pair

Bowers & Wilkins 686Bowers & Wilkins 686

700 Series

Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series audio speakers

Elegant simplicity: the 700 Series’ room-friendly cabinets complement any living room or home cinema setting. Hear music as the artist intended it. The 700 Series reveals more of the subtle details in the original recording.

Bowers & Wilkins 702 S2 speaker702 S2

With three dedicated Aerofoil™-Profile bass drivers and a solid body tweeter housing on top, the 702 S2 brings the goosebump-inducing clarity and detail of studio-quality sound to your home audio set-up.



Bowers & Wilkins 703 S2 speaker703 S2

A big speaker in every sense, the 703 S2 has both the grace and power to bring every element of your music to life, from delicate nuances to monstrous bass lines.



Bowers & Wilkins 704 S2 audio speaker704 S2

Looks can be deceiving. Despite its slim dimensions, the 704 S2 has the commanding presence of a much larger speaker, thanks to advanced technologies such as a dedicated Continuum™ cone FST™ midrange.



Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2705 S2

This uncompromising two-way speaker reveals subtle nuances in music others miss. Its high performance features include a solid body tweeter-on-top design borrowed from the 800 Series Diamond.



Bowers & Wilkins 706 S2706 S2

With its larger bass/midrange unit, the 706 S2 delivers a sound that feels fully formed and entirely true to life, with outstanding detail, spaciousness and musical insight into recordings.



Bowers & Wilkins 707 S2 audio speaker707 S2

The 707 S2’s two-way design makes for a sound that feels remarkably cohesive. That’s down to the purity of its components, including a Continuum™ cone bass/midrange driver and a Carbon Dome™ tweeter.



Bowers & Wilkins HTM71 S2 speakerHTM71 S2

Designed to be paired with larger speakers in the range, this three-way centre-channel speaker delivers unprecedented power and transparency, for totally convincing voice reproduction.


Bowers & Wilkins HTM72 S2 speakerHTM72 S2

HTM72 is a great choice for home cinema set-ups in smaller rooms, where space is at a premium. Partner it up with the more compact 700 Series speakers, such as the 706 or the 704.

800 Series Diamond D3

"The 800 Series Diamond features tweeters of pure synthetic diamond. We go to such lengths because diamond’s combination of lightness and extreme rigidity means no material is better suited to reproducing high-frequency signals." -Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & WIlkins 800 Series Diamond

The speaker of choice for the world’s most demanding recording studios, and a legend among serious sound enthusiasts everywhere, the 800 Diamond Series D3 is the top performing speaker in the Bowers & Wilkins D3 Series lineup.

800 D3 | $ 30,000 per pair

802 D3 | $ 22,000 per pair

803 D3 | $ 17,000 per pair

804 D3 | $  9,000 per pair

805 D3 | $  6,000 per pair

HTM1 D3 Center | $ 6,000 each

HTM2 D3 Center | $ 4,000 each

DB 1 Subwoofer | $ 4,500 each

CM S2 Series

"The CM Series combines impressive audio performance with elegant modern design. Ideal for both Hi-Fi and home cinema, the CM Series means beautiful sound. With the new CM Series, beauty runs far more than skin deep. Beneath the minimalist exteriors technologies such as Decoupled Double Dome tweeters set a new bar for audio performance. The result is beautiful sound." - Bowers & Wilkins

CM S2 Series

Bowers & Wilkins CM S2 Series Audio Speakers


Bowers & Wilkins CM10 S2

CM10 S2 | $4,000 per pair

The flagship floorstanding speaker of the CM Series sets a new standard for performance. It combines technologies taken from across our ranges. The result simply sounds and looks beautiful.

Review by The Audio Beat



Bowers & Wilkins CM9 S2CM9 S2 | $3,200 per pair

For room-filling power and precision, as well as beautiful design, the floorstanding CM9 S2 is an outstanding choice. And one that handles music and home cinema demands equally well.




Bowers & Wilkins CM8 S2

CM8 S2 | $2,400 per pair

True floorstander performance from a seriously slim speaker. CM8 S2 will slip into any room, yet delivers power and precision from three Kevlar drivers and a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter.

Review by Digital Trends



Bowers & Wilkins CM6 S2

CM6 S2 | $2,000 per pair
CM6 S2 Stand | $500 per pair

The most precise and powerful small speaker in the CM Series - the CM6 S2 standmount speaker is the only CM standmount to feature Tweeter On Top technology.

CM6 S2 has won the AVTech media award for best standmount speaker along with some outstanding reviews in HiFi+, HiFi news magazines and online reviewer hometheaterreview.com.
Review on Home Theater Review


Bowers & Wilkins CM5 S2CM5 S2 | $1,600 per pair
CM5 S2 Stand | $500 per pair

Power without bulk - CM5 S2 will fill rooms, without taking up floor space, used as a bookshelf or standmount speaker.




Bowers & Wilkins CM1 S2

CM1 S2 | $1,100 per pair

Small is beautiful, and sounds beautiful with CM1 S2. The smallest speaker in the CM Series combines precise audio with modern design and enough power to fill most rooms.

Review on Home Theater Review

CI Series

"For some people, the mere sight of a speaker, no matter how well designed, is enough to cause palpitations. It's for precisely this clientele that we have pursued the notion of custom installation loudspeakers, which can be carefully hidden into walls or ceilings and, where necessary, disguised to be as hard-to-detect as possible." - Bowers & Wilkins

CI Series

CI 300
Delivers high-performance audio to hard to reach places. 

CI 600
Sound amazing, and are more affordable. 

CI 700
Pristine audio, while taking up minimal space. 

CI 800
Brings the performance levels and technology associated with our 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers to CI for the first time. 

Weatherproof Monitors
Range allows you to take your music outdoors, into the sauna, or even onto the sea.

AM-1 Weatherproof & Waterproof Outdoor Speaker

AM-1 | $600 per pair

Designed to provide great sound wherever you need it, the weather-proof AM-1 is the most durable loudspeaker Bowers & Wilkins has ever made. 

Review by Digital Trends

Panorama 2 Soundbar

"Panorama 2 adds a new dimension to home entertainment, bringing truly immersive high-quality sound to your TV from a single, discreet speaker. You won’t believe what a big difference a single box can make."
- Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2

Panorama 2 | Now $1,499

"Panorama wins coveted EISA 2013 Award"

"Bowers & Wilkins is proud to announce that Panorama 2 has been awarded European Home Theatre Soundbar 2013-2014 by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). This prestigious award is decided by expert representatives of the hi-fi reviewing community from across Europe.

EISA judges Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2 soundbar best for its acoustic performance, discreet design, great connectivity and intuitive proximity-sensing user interface.

The award-winning Panorama 2 uses technologies developed for Bowers & Wilkins high-end speakers to bring a new level of performance to soundbars. Completely new Bowers & Wilkins-engineered drive units significantly improve acoustics on a product that already set the standard for soundbar audio." -Bowers & Wilkins


"They provide a truly immersive sound, combined with luxurious comfort and impeccable build quality."
- Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins P7 HeadphonesP7 WIRELESS | $399.99

LPerfect sound, without the wires. P7 Wireless combines advanced acoustic technology with aptX™ Bluetooth®connectivity to deliver a seamless audio experience and 17 hour battery life.



Bowers & Wilkins P5 HeadphonesP5 SERIES 2 | $249.99

On-ear wireless headphones which offer an enticing blend of great sound and stunning design all wrapped in luxurious black leather. Super cool and super sounding.




P5 Wireless | $299.99

P5 performance, no wires. P5 Wireless with aptX Bluetooth sets a new standard for audio quality and convenience. With universal compatibility, 17 hour battery and P5's award-winning drivers and materials, wireless Hi-Fi headphones are here at last.




Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones

P3 SERIES 2 | $149.99 

P3 headphones offer pristine, natural sound, and an effortlessly wearable, foldable design made to fit easily into your life.




Bowers & Wilkins C5 Headphones

C5 SERIES 2 | $149.99

Ergonomic in-ear headphones. Powerful bass and a user adjustable design make C5 Series 2 one of best lightweight audio experiences around.

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