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LivingSound is pleased to feature HALO by Parasound, Parasound NewClassic and Parasound Z lines.

Audiophiles flock to purchase the same Parasound models the pros use, and it's not only the sound engineer in a studio who can hear the outstanding sound. Parasound's commitment to quality is evident in all product lines. 

HALO by Parasound
"Halo by Parasound is our premier product line which has redefined standards for sound and style. The incredible number of rave reviews of Halo models is without precedent in the audio/video industry."

Halo Integrated   2.1 Channel Integrated Amplifier | $2495.00


JC 2 Two-Channel Preamplifier

JC 2
Two-Channel Preamplifier


JCP 2 BP Two-Channel Preamplifier with Home Theater BypassJCP 2 BP
Two-Channel Preamplifier with Home Theater Bypass


JC 3+ Phono Preamplifier by John Curl
JC 3+
Phono Preamplifier by John Curl


P 7 Preamplifier P 7


P 5 2.1-Channel Stereo Preamplifier

P 5
2.1-Channel Stereo Preamplifier



JC 1 Single-Channel Power AmplifierJC 1
Single-Channel Power Amplifier


A 21 Two-Channel Power AmplifierA 21 
Two-Channel Power Amplifier


A 23 Two-Channel Power AmplifierA 23
Two-Channel Power Amplifier

A 31 Three-Channel Power AmplifierA 31
Three-Channel Power Amplifier


A 51 Five-Channel Power AmplifierA 51
Five-Channel Power Amplifier


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