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"We are a fifty year old high performance audio/video manufacturer of receivers, preamplifiers, surround sound  processors, power amplifiers, CD players, tuners and multi-zone electronics for hi fi and home theater." — Rotel


ROTEL RA-12 - Integrated Amplifier
RA-12 - Integrated Amplifier

Multichannel Power Amplifiers
RMB-1585 - Multichannel Power Amplifier
RMB-1555 - Multichannel Power Amplifier
RMB-1575 - 5-Channel Power Amplifier
RMB-1565 - 5-Channel Power Amplifier

Stereo Power Amplifiers
RB-1552 MkII - Classic Stereo Power Amplifier
RB-1582 MkII - Classic Stereo Power Amplifier
RB-1572 - 2-Channel Power Amplifier
RB-1562 - 2-Channel Power Amplifier
RB-1590 Stereo Power Amplifier

Stereo Preamplifier
RC-1590 - Stereo Preamplifier


Integrated Amplifiers
RA-1570 - Integrated Amplifier
RA-12 - Integrated Amplifier

Distribution Amplifiers
RKB-8100 - 8-Channel Power Amplifier
RKB-850 - 8-Channel Power Amplifier
RKB-DB100 - 8-Channel Power Amplifier
RKB-D850 - 8-Channel Power Amplifier
RMB-1512 - 12-Channel Custom Installation Amplifier
RMB-1506 - 6-Channel Custom Installation Amplifier


Multichannel Power Amplifiers
RMB-1585 - Multichannel Power Amplifier​
RMB-1575 - 5-Channel Power Amplifiier
RMB-1565 - 5-Channel Power Amplifier



Integrated Amplifiers | RA-1570 - Integrated Amplifier
ROTEL RA-1570 - Integrated Amplifier

Integrated Amplifiers | RA-12 - Integrated Amplifier
ROTEL RA-12 - Integrated Amplifier

Stereo Pre Amplifiers | RC-1580 - Stereo Preamplifier
ROTEL RC-1580 - Stereo Preamplifier

Stereo Receivers | RX-1052 

DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) | RDD-1580
ROTEL RDD-1580 Review by The Absolute Sound

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