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Bowers & Wilkins


LivingSound is a Bowers & Wilkins custom installer and we are capable of providing you with a bespoke home entertainment experience from "B&W Custom Installation and Custom Theatre Series", alongside automated systems, video, security and lighting. We will provide you with expert consultation, design, installation and after-sales service. Work by appointment, so please call ahead first.

All Bowers & Wilkins products are covered by a free, 2-year warranty as standard.

CT Series

"If you’re serious about home cinema, you’ll need a seriously good cinema sound system. It doesn’t get any better than Custom Theatre from Bowers & Wilkins. Drawing from our most advanced technologies, the Custom Theatre ranges are designed with one aim in mind: to lift you out of your seat and throw you into the heart of the action. Both the CT700 and CT800 ranges deliver movie sound like you've only heard in your wildest dreams. It’s the authentic private cinema experience in your own home. Popcorn not included." - Bowers & Wilkins 

CT700 Series

Bowers & WIlkins CT700 Series
Custom Theater with CT700 Speakers

CT7.3 LCRS  |  $ 1,500 Each
CT7.4 LCRS  |  $1,000 Each
CT7.5 LCRS  |  $600 Each
CTSW15  |  $1,350 Each
CTSW12  |  $1,000 Each
CTSW10  |  $750 Each
SA1000  |  $1,500 Each

CT800 Series

Bowers & Wilkins CT800 Series
Custom Theater with CT800 Speakers

CT8 LR  |  $15,000 Each
CT8 SW  |  $3,500 Each
CT8.4 LCRS  |  $4,000 Each
CT8.2 LCRS  |  $6,000 Each
CT8 CC  |  $15,000 Each
CT8 DS  |  $11,000 Each


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