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A Better Home

Experience theater-quality sound, cinematic lighting, intuitive climate control and seamless security all in the comfort of your own home. LivingSound’s expert technicians are passionate about bringing out the best in your environment.

Great sound is just the beginning. An on-site audio analysis with LivingSound will determine what kind of audio is appropriate for each room of your house, whether it’s movies in the den, background music in kitchen or intercoms between the master bedroom and the nursery. 

Good lighting can set a mood just as effectively as a great piece of music, and each room of your house has different lighting needs. LivingSound can design automated lighting ‘best practices’ that create just the right tone for each room, as well as save energy and money. 

Climate control and security are fundamental components of designing for comfort, but often overlooked. A holistic approach to climate and security considers room use, daily schedules and, of course, comfort. Automating climate and security systems provides opportunities to both save energy and money, but also delivers peace of mind, through mobile app access that allows you to check in, adjust your settings or get updates from anywhere in the world.

New Construction

Regardless of where you are in the process of building a new home, from planning with the architect or picking out the welcome mat, designing a custom home automation system with LivingSound is simple.


Remodeling? Collaborate with our techs to retrofit one room or several with automation that will feel like it’s been there the whole time.

Home Theater

Great home automation generally starts with the room that everyone in the family loves to use together. LivingSound connects HD television, HiFi sound and smart lighting to create a theater-quality experience that’s perfect for movies, sports or Saturday morning cartoons.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does LivingSound support Apple products?

Yes, we are able to advise customers in the use of Apple products, but we no longer sell or service Apple computers, tablets or phones.

Are there alternatives to high cable bills? How can I cut the cord?

There’s no longer a need to be trapped into one-size-fits-all cable contracts. As part of a home consultation, we can suggest a range of options to customize your home media experiences, often for less than your current monthly cable bill.

Can I test a product before I buy it?

Yes. We are proud to have a fully functioning showroom that demonstrates some of the latest technologies and highest performing audio/video equipment available anywhere.

I’m ready to get started. What’s the next step?

Call, or email by using the contact form on this website to arrange a time to discuss the details of your project. The LivingSound team will work alongside you to design the perfect solution for your needs.

What is home automation?

Home automation goes beyond a single Alexa or Google home assistant—it’s the expert design and implementation of an automated system within a home that gives the user control all of the processes within the home, including entertainment, lighting, security and climate, all from a single dedicated interface.

What is a ’Smart Home’?

Generally, ‘Smart Home’ refers to an array of internet-connected products that a home owner can purchase and install themselves. Smart refrigerators, televisions or thermostats are examples of products that fall under the ‘Smart Home’ category.

Are all of the brands listed on the website available for viewing in the showroom?

The showroom at LivingSound is built around products that can deliver a comprehensive experience of what is possible through professional sound and environment design. Our technicians will suggest alternate or additional products depending on the customer’s needs. Any of the brands we offer on the website can be ordered in-store.